QR Code Generator

Generate Qr code with a single api request. Easy to use with any programming language and don't required you to install any library.


This api route don't require any authentication or token and can be used anywhere


GET - /qr


various parameter can be pass to customize the qr code like text color , background etc.

text required

Text data that need to be converted to QR code


Size of qr code that be need to be generated. value Need to be integer

Example - `250`

Default - `100`


Don't pass too large for size as it will take more time to generate and can't fit in qr scanner properly


Foreground Color for qr code passed in R,G,B pattern.

Example - `32,45,56`
Here Above R = 32 , G = 45 , B = 56

Default - `0,0,0,`


Background color for qr code , it need to be RGB format.

Example - `20,56,60`
Here Above R = 32 , G = 45 , B = 56

Default - `null` , it means default it will be a transparent.


GET $BASE_ROUTE/qr?text=https://oyyi.xyz&color=32,45,21&bg=56,100,45&size=200
Contributors: coder9118