Thumbnail Generator

Free to use Thumbnail generator for media file types.Supported Files format are PDF IMAGE VIDEO.


POST - /thumbnail


Various parameter can be pass for thumbnail generation. Apart from below given parameters you can all parameters allowed in image conversion , that you want to apply to generated thumbnail image. Read Image Conversion docs here


File for which thumbnail need to be generated. Support JPG JPEG PNG Files. Allowed File size upto 100MB

Type - `File is required`

Default - `Null`

File Size

If uploaded file size exceed 100MB. Status Code 429 will be Return.


Required id from previous conversion if file is not being uploaded.

Example - `f864bc80-85b1-44b8-9264-43ba9ab19c37`

Default - `Null`


Either id or file is required for generation.


With File Request

curl --form "file=@myimage.jpg&resize=400,400,1" $BASE_ROUTE/thumbnail

Above resize parameter is passed to generate thumbnail of width 400px , height 400px and third parameter to 1 to preserve aspect ratio.

With Id

curl --form "id=31b7453d-3fb9-49d1-824b-c8a809451cd6&resize=400,400,1" $BASE_ROUTE/thumbnail

Above id is passed which is conversion id from last operation so that you don`t have to upload image file again.


File Storage

Original file and converted file are store only for 30 minutes on server. In that you can apply multiple conversion and download converted file by given conversion Id.

Contributors: coder9118