File Response


You can get file by filename stored over any storage location either temp, oyyi, or any your cutom storage

  • File need to have Public visibility otherwise it will throw 403 error.

Binary Response

You can get raw binary response of file that you can use it over any webpage or app. You can visit this endpoint for this{username}/{disk}/{filepath}
  1. Username - Your username
  2. Disk - The name of the disk where file is located e.g- temp,oyyi, custom _disk
  3. filepath - The path of the file. e.g. conveted.jpeg or mypath/conveted.jpeg

Downloading File

You can allow user to directly download this file over there device with proper content deposition headers. You can visit this endpoint for this{username}/{disk}/{filepath}?download=true

Image Processing over the file

You can pass image processing parameters as query parameters to allow image processing over the fly with just simple get request.